Crystal Prescription FAQ

Wanted to answer some good questions I've received from curious clients in the past few weeks about my crystal prescriptions.

  • How does this work? Purchase a package here. I only open a limited amount of packages at a time because it does take up my time and energy. After you purchase your package, please fill out this form. When you receive your crystals, let me know and I'll give you your post consultation where I go over your prescription.
  • What do I do with my crystals? When you receive them they are filled with my good intentions/energy/vibes. Smudge them and put your good intentions/energy/vibes in them. I tend to leave mine in my purse, pockets, on my dresser, in a shelf. Some make jewelry. Charge your crystals by a window during a full moon. Do what makes you comfortable.
  • Why me? I have always been intuitive + now embracing my gift. I do it for the love. 
  • Why not a cheaper crystals? I really love the crystal gurus + suppliers I work with, they give you time and attention. I trust them, they are fam. I choose each crystal for you, I don't just walk in and am done. It takes time + my energy. Surely you can buy online if you wish but beware of energies and fakes.
  • Why do you share your vendor info? I love small business, if you are local and can shop at my preferred suppliers, please do! Spellbound Sky does not have an online shop. I'm confident in my skillz.
  • Why crystals? Cause healing. My form of alternative medicine. Self-love. To open up those chakras. Energy.
  • Why 2-3? Crystal prices vary just as the crystals themselves - sizing, quality, availability. Some are rough and some are polished.
  • You shared a picture of a crystal and I want it, can I buy one? I can definitely look into it.
  • Can I buy a package as a gift? YES!
  • Are you available for personal shopping? YES! My rate for personal shopping starts at $25 an hour + cost of items + shipping.